NFNV African Women’s Economic Summit  2014

The African Women’s Economic Summit
Graca Machel

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24th – 26th July, 2014
African Women Realising Africa’s
Economic Potential

Mulungushi International Conference Centre
Lusaka,  Zambia

Africa is geared for growth. It is home to one-eighth of the world’s burgeoning population and home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world. The World Bank’s Africa Pulse states that nearly a quarter of African countries grew at a rate of 7% or higher in 2012, and economic growth remains strong at around 5-6% throughout the sub-Saharan region compared to global GDP growth that is around 2.4%. Several African countries feature among the top 15 countries with the highest rates of economic growth in the world.

However, this rise in economic growth and wealth has not necessarily translated into reduced levels of inequality for the vast majority of African people. Despite a sizeable reduction in the percentage of people living in poverty, from 58% to 48% between 1996-2010, leading analysts are starting to emphasize the need for economic growth strategies to ensure inclusive growth by reducing income disparities on the continent.

This raises an important question about the role of African women in realising and sustaining Africa’s economic potential.

As Africa rises, African stakeholders must ensure that economic growth strategies include greater participation of women in decision-making, in the workforce, and as generators of economic wealth. More women in leadership positions within financial institutions and businesses will balance decisions around risk taking with sound management, as they work in partnership with their male counterparts to advance their societies.

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The Summit

The theme of the 3rd African Women’s Economic Summit is: “African Women Realising Africa’s Economic Potential”.  Organized by New Faces New Voices and the African Development Bank, this biennial event brings together key stakeholders in the financial sector throughout the continent, as well as influential global leaders, to look at how to put women at the centre-stage of the African finance and economic development agenda to realize Africa’s potential.


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