rugori-logoA digital investment fund owned by women, for women
Rugori Fund has primarily a women investment trust window pooling savings of retail women investors and investing them for a return on money and capital market both in Rwanda and the region. Units can be bought digitally with mobile money and/or Visa & Master cards. Generated income is in part reinvested for women to keep growing their assets (liquidity allowed to a member in need with a three-month notice). Another part is put into a collective reserve and is used to buy shares in a longer term private equity and debt fund (long-term investment window) along other institutional investors. Rugori Fund targets to raise 20 million dollars under this window, which will be invested primarily in women-owned businesses and other businesses advancing women through a variety of instruments tailored to women’s needs. In compliance with the funds terms and conditions, the shareholders can cash out their shares with earned interest.
Key features of Rugori Digital Platform

  • Women can self-register in the fund and receive a unique registration ID
  • Registered women can buy units from the fund and receive certificates as proof of their ownership. FRW 100 per unit with a minimum of 50units per first round purchase. Units grow in value after monthly valuation.
  • After purchasing units from the fund, investors receive an instant notification via SMS and an electronic pay slip is sent to all parties involved (NFNV, bank) as proofs of record for the transaction.
  • Unit holders can check the balance and/or performance of their units anytime, anywhere or any device with a mobile signal or internet connection.
  • Unit holders can send inquiries to NFNV and the bank regarding the fund and their existing units.
  • The NFNV Rugori fund also provides a two-way traffic communication platform for all unit holdersto (1) make inquiries, (2) receive advisory messages from NFNV and other allowed partners, (3) access tools for financial and technology literacy,(4) advertise and link women-owned businesses to markets (including through “She Trades” platform that will be interfaced).


  • Accessible on mobile phone (feature and smart phones) and via web
  • Integrated with NIDA to ensure best KYC validation
  • Payment can be done through the following digital channels: mobile money account (MTN, TIGO, Airtel) and Visa& Master cards
  • The unit holder does not need to “own” a phone to get the benefits! Using the unique registration ID and PIN code,unit holders can access their account from any device.

Within the next five years the Rugori Fund will significantly contribute to lifting one million of Rwandans out of poverty through putting financial means of power in the hands of women. It is common knowledge that empowering a woman financially is improving education for her kids, ensuring good health for her family, increasing her dignity as a wife, while raising her and her husband’s assets and wealth.More specifically,

  1. Rugori Fund will reach out to at least 300,000 women as investors/unit
  2. 90% of women will be formally financially included (from 63% today);
  3. At least 30,000 Rwandan women will have obtained certification in basic financial literacy;
  4. At least 30,000 Rwandan women will have completed business literacy training and 50% of them applying it in their business activities;
  5. At least 3,000 women will have been connected to markets through “She Trades” platform in the next 3 years;
  6. Rugori Fund will inspire, and be leveraged by, financial institutions so that at least 50% of financial service providers will offer financial products tailored to women’s needs;
  7. 7. Rugori Fund will help Rwanda achieve SDGs, especially goal 5 on gender equality and Goal 1 on poverty alleviation.


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